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Sole Alerts What is Sole Alerts is the best sneaker news site for new releases and news regarding current or upcoming launches. Here are a few sneaker brands we love: Jordan Brand, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Converse!

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We are Sole Alerts a.k.a SOLEALERTS.COM, the love of sneakers has grown through out the years and we understand how rough it can be missing your favorite sneaker release date. Or maybe you don’t know where the sneaker is releasing online and don’t trust many sketchy online sites (you shouldn’t anyways, it will save you a lot of headaches!). At Sole Alerts, we provide a service to our readers and shoppers that will change the average sneaker buying experience. Updates of release dates and direct sneaker links will be posted of every sneaker available for online ordering. The main focus will be on large variety of sneakers from Air Jordans to Nike Air Max releases. The sneaker posts will be updated regularly with trusted and verified information only from reliable sources. We chose the top trusted sneaker sites online and posted a list for shoppers to use and trust. Nothing is worse than shopping or buying products that are counterfeit and causes huge hassles returning it. Same goes for clothing, we created the best streetwear clothing sites list on the page for shoppers to browse if they needed some fashion suggestions or want to see any sales/promotions going on with clothing retailers. Release dates will be 100% accurate along with style code, retail price, and links to the specific sneaker. If there is any mistakes, which will happen from time to time, please contact us via twitter or email at immediately.

The help and support from our shoppers is important to us and would like to only provide the reliable information for sneaker releases. Our reputation along with the relationship with our readers and shopper is always an immediate concern, please feel free to contact us for suggestions, sneaker request, specific date questions, and etc. Sole Alerts has been recently launch in 2015 and hope to attract sneaker heads and collectors of different places of the world. Please enjoy the content on our page and recommend to share our page for anyone who may need this type of sneaker news. is not associated with any online website or retailer posted on this page and are not affiliated in any way. The website was created to help shoppers get reliable sneaker news and website details that be trusted.